Dental Tips

Furcation Defect Treatment

Have you ever wondered why people seem to have more issues with their back teeth than their front ones? It is true that a lot of people lose their back teeth more often and one of the chief reasons for this is bone loss around these teeth. This is preventable and the dentists and dental

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Preparing for Dentistry Asleep

You can relax at your next visit to the dentist by having dental work done asleep. St. Lawrence Dentistry is licensed by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario to provide dentistry asleep (general anesthesia). Since 2006 Dr. Hawryluk Jr. has worked in conjunction with Board Certified Medical Anesthesiologists to provide comfortable and safe

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Denture Stabilization with Implants

St. Lawrence Dentistry has helped many patients secure their dentures with Premium BioHorizons Dental Implants. Too many people who have conventional dentures don’t wear them for the simple fact that they don’t stay in place. If you have this issue you already know the about the embarrassment of slipping dentures, not being able to eat

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Dental Technology at St Lawrence Dentistry

Dental technology is rapidly advancing and St. Lawrence dentistry always keeps up to date with these advancements. The driving force behind technological enhancements includes the need to offer patients cutting edge dental procedures which may be conducted in a more comfortable, effective way. A few of the latest technologies involve: CAD/CAM: Computer assisted design/computer assisted

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Dentures: Pros and Cons and the Different Kinds

When someone mentions the word “dentures”, what people usually envision is the stereotypical complete set of teeth in a glass of water on a bedside table. While this is indeed an example of what dentures are, this is not the only kind of dentures one can get. There are many different variants for you to

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Different Types of Dentures

Largely attributed to sheer lack of awareness in the seriousness of the consequences of not having proper oral or dental hygiene and what missing out on supposed regularly-scheduled dental visits can lead to, some people end up wearing dentures. What are Dentures? Dentures are removable and prosthetic replacement or substitute for a person’s missing natural

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Foods that Help Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

The following foods help whiten your teeth: Broccoli. This crunchy vegetable has iron which helps form a barrier or an acid-resistant film that can protect the tooth enamel. Broccoli florets will scrub the surface of the teeth to give them a natural midday brush. Strawberries. Malic acid is an enzyme and a main component of

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9 Home Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth

People are nowadays being obsessed with their physical attributes, thus paving the way for the success of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Dental cosmetic surgery has its share of satisfying the vanity of some people who want their teeth to be sparkling white. You might have heard about bleaching, veneers, etc. done in the office of

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The Great Toothbrush Debate: Electric vs. Manual

Sometimes a person can be so meticulous that he or she would have a hard time deciding if the right choice is a manual or an electric toothbrush. Yes, we are talking about toothbrush – the brush used to clean the teeth. As technology advances, electric toothbrush has been introduced in the market with claims

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Dental First Aid Kit

Emergencies happen at any time and place, and dental emergencies are no exception. While it is normal for everyone to have first aid kit (bandages, ice packs, antiseptics and the more common medicines) for medical emergencies, not many people pay attention to preparing a dental first aid kit. What will you do if your tooth

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