Dental Treatment

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Crown Lengthening: A Beneficial Dental Technique

Crown lengthening is a dental procedure performed by Dr. Hawryluk to help restore broken down teeth. There are many causes for considering crown lengthening. Commonly, the procedure exposes a greater amount of tooth structure to restore the tooth with a dental crown. Other indications to crown lengthen include accessing cavities below the gum, tooth perforations,

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Key Considerations when Treating a “Collapsed Jaw”

Bite collapse is a dental circumstance distinguished by a change in the configuration of the patient’s facial features, teeth, and jaw function because of tooth loss or severe wearing down of the teeth. We also call it loss of vertical jaw dimension. St Lawrence Dentistry does treatments to open the bite back up to “restore

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Tooth Bleaching Part II: Commonly Asked Questions

Recently, we released our blog on the most commonly asked questions about tooth bleaching. The response was phenomenal. Therefore we have compiled additional answers to the most popular inquiries about tooth bleaching. Here they are!: What is St. Lawrence Dentistry’s “best-kept secret” regarding teeth bleaching? One of the most underutilized and underappreciated formulations is 10%

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Tooth Bleaching: Commonly Asked Questions

A beautiful smile is magnetic. So many of our patients at St. Lawrence Dentistry rejuvenate their teeth with the Pola Teeth Bleaching System. Below we have compiled the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions our Mississauga Dental Office gets asked. Can my teeth get too white?, I don’t want them to look

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Pain Relievers in Dentistry: An Overview

St. Lawrence Dentistry performs dental procedures gently and conservatively. We make every effort to minimize the use of pain medications. However, sometimes they are indicated, and they can be very effective. Pain medications have changed markedly in the past decades in that “codeine” has been replaced with Ibuprofen as the chief pain analgesic agent at

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