Implants are an Excellent Tooth Replacement Option

Conversations about dental implants can sometimes start emotional for patients because they often discuss a tooth that needs removal. T he excellent news is St. Lawrence Dentistry has terrific options for replacing missing teeth. Patients want to know what implants are, how they work, and a realistic expectation of treatment timeline. So they are relieved

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Smoking Cessation

You probably know many people who smoke are aware of some harmful effects. Smoking is widespread in society and has been part of human history for thousands of years. Although smoking’s history is abundant and embedded in many cultures, North America is at the point where it is finally on the decline. Part of the

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Changing the Jaws Vertical Dimension

The lower jaw is a horseshoe-shaped bone balanced in space by two joints, which communicate in the skull’s related sockets. During aging, or in some cases following particular disturbing circumstances, the vertical association between the jaws diminishes, and an “over closed bite” is the outcome. There is a decrease in the “roof” of the mouth.

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Cannabis and your Oral Health

The Cannabis Act came into effect on October 17, 2018, and now Canada is one of only a handful of nations to have lawful utilization of this medication. Therefore, regardless of whether you are newly using Cannabis or have taken it for some time, it is imperative to know how this now lawful medication can

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Porcelain Veneers from Design to Finish

Porcelain veneers are slim, customized shells of tooth-colored materials created to cover the exterior of teeth to enhance your appearance. These shells are connected to the front side of your tooth, altering their length, color, shape, or size. To treat patients with dental veneers, your dentist and ceramist must understand basic principles to achieve predictable

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Dental Crown Design and Shade Selection

A crown or “dental cap” is a dental restoration that fully caps or covers a tooth or dental implant. Crowns may be required when a large cavity endangers the health of a tooth. It is generally bonded to the tooth by dental cement. Several materials, such as zirconia, can be utilized to create them. Crowns

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Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental Care During Pregnancy Oral health can vary during pregnancy, and St. Lawrence Dentistry would like to help make this period as pleasant as possible. Generally, pregnant women often feel extra conscious about their physical well-being because they are aware the unborn child’s health depends on how she takes care of herself. During pregnancy, dental

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