oral health linkto medical conditions

The Link Between Gum Disease and Medical Conditions

St. Lawrence Dentistry recognizes the link between oral and total body health. Therefore, we make concerted efforts to treat periodontal disease (gum disease). About 67% of North American adults have some form of periodontitis (gum disease). Studies have shown the prevalence in Europe, and Asia is comparable. The biofilm (film of bacteria) in the mouth

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diabetes and gum disease

Collaboration between Dentists and Physicians Benefits Patients

Over the 5-10 years, there has been growing interest in the link between mouth health and body health. The link between diabetes (a disease affecting blood sugar) and periodontitis (bone loss around teeth) may be the strongest of all the connections between the mouth and body. Periodontal disease is a ubiquitous problem; it almost epidemic

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Gum Disease

Gum Disease (Periodontal disease) is a widespread condition that is often slow-moving and hard to detect outside a professional dental setting. It affects bone encompassing teeth and causes it to degrade. It is a higher cause of tooth loss than even dental decay. In many cases, it is not painful and goes unnoticed until the

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demystifying dentistry

Commonly Asked Questions about the Teeth

Most Frequent Questions at St. Lawrence Dentistry For a month we kept track of the most frequent dental questions our valued patients asked us. Like any part of the body, there are some issues or facts about teeth that are frequently inquired about. Here are the most recurring questions at our Mississauga Dental Office: What

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