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St. Lawrence Dentistry has a range of dental sedation options and one of them is Nitrous Oxide or ‘Laughing Gas’. If you are in need of dental sedation we will carefully assess your individual situation and see what modality is best for you. Nitrous Oxide has some nice advantages over other pain and anxiety management options. There are many indications for its use and the disadvantages are few.

Nitrous oxide can offer pain control (analgesia). A mixture of 20% N2O and 80% O2 has about the same analgesic equipotence as 15mg of morphine. Nitrous oxide has the ability to raise a patient’s pain threshold and lessen perceived fear when administered before a dental injection. It is advantageous when other analgesic drugs are contraindicated such as in someone with allergies or addiction issues.

The sedative effects of nitrous oxide in dentistry have been well documented. Patient anxiety has been long associated with oral healthcare. Laughing gas can significantly assist patients in handling their fear by producing a sense of well-being. Dental sedation enables the patient to become calm, relaxed, and able to tolerate a situation better. This relaxed feeling we a positive effect on a patient’s pain threshold.

In Children’s Dentistry Nitrous Oxide has been shown to facilitate positive behavior and lowered anxiety levels on sequential visits. The furthers our goal to prevent early negative childhood experiences which will ultimately lessen the number of fearful adults. Ultimately the goal is to provide children with enough positive treatment experiences so they do not need nitrous oxide in the future.

Nitrous Oxide dental sedation provides considerable amnesic properties (i.e. unable to fully recollect treatment time). This is another positive attribute of this dental sedation method. After the procedure, patients often state they cannot recall the severity of their pain or the anxiety, nor the duration. The passage of time tends to become unclear under nitrous oxide sedation and patients often remark how quickly time passed during the treatment.

Nitrous Oxide Monitor at St. Lawrence Dentistry

Outlets for Laughing Gas Mixture at St. Lawrence Dentistry

A rapid onset of action is a favorable trait of nitrous oxide dental sedation. Clinical effects may begin in less than 30 seconds and peak in less than 5 minutes.

Titration is the process of administering a drug incrementally so a specific level or endpoint. Titration is very easily accomplished with nitrous oxide. In addition, it can easily be decreased or eliminated,

Recovery is quick and uneventful with nitrous oxide. Inhalation of N20/O2 allows for complete recovery using fresh oxygen after termination of the drug.

While laughing gas can offer a nice floating relaxed feeling, some our patients prefer to be completely asleep for their dental appointments. St. Lawrence Dentistry is fully certified by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario to provide dental work fully asleep. The anesthesia is provided by Board Certified Medical Anesthesiologists. If you would like to learn more about dentistry asleep at our office please visit us here:

Preparing for Dentistry Asleep

As you can see this dental sedation modality offers some nice advantages. St. Lawrence Dentistry offers Oral Sedation, Nitrous Oxide Sedation, and Dentistry fully asleep. If you are looking for a dentist in Mississauga and would like to investigate these options further please give our office a call.

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