Laser Gum Shaping Mississauga On

Laser gum shaping and contouring uses a specially designed dental laser to correct certain periodontal conditions, such as gummy smiles and asymmetrical gum tissues. The procedure has aesthetic and functional value. Laser contouring is an alternative to the traditional scalpel for treating a gummy smile line. The patient does not have to endure uncomfortable cutting and suturing. With the use of the laser, there is minimal bleeding and discomfort. The laser vaporizes the excessive gum tissue and seals it. At the same time, it kills harmful bacteria, reducing the chances of an infection.

Laser gum shaping and contouring can be carried out as a stand-alone procedure or with another process, such as dental veneers. The objective is to provide you with a natural and proportional smile. Sometimes, the tooth root may have to be trimmed to prevent the gum tissue from growing back. Gum re-contouring is also done as a part of the crown-lengthening procedure in which the gum and bone tissue are reshaped so that more of the tooth is exposed. This procedure is carried out for patients with short and worn-out teeth.