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If you are considering an esthetic transformation, St. Lawrence Dentistry can provide key services to help you get the results you want.

A smile makeover can be the beginning and endpoint of your transformation, or it can be part of overall cosmetic enhancement. The cornerstone of a cosmetic makeover is the initial restoration of your teeth to their ideal esthetics. To accomplish this, you need a dentist who understands what constitutes beauty and how to achieve it.×425.jpg

The first step in preparing for your cosmetic dentistry is a process called smile design. We will take a look at your entire facial esthetics and see what shape and size of teeth would look best for you. The doctor will examine the features of your gum, skin, and the shape of your face. For proper cosmetic rehabilitation, sometimes an ‘all or nothing approach’ is best if aiming for ideal esthetics. Restoring only 1 or 2 teeth may look out of place among your other teeth. If you are seeking to maintain the health of your teeth, then a patchwork approach is very reasonable. However, the entire esthetic area often must be restored all at once for revitalizing esthetics. There is no one size fits approach when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, and different people can have different opinions about what looks best. On the day St. Lawrence Dentistry delivers your cosmetic dentistry, we encourage you to bring any significant others so we may all reach a consensus together about what looks best for you.

If you are interested in a smile makeover, please call St. Lawrence Dentistry, and we will make arrangements for you to meet with Dr. Hawryluk. At your initial appointment, we will take the time to find out what you want to achieve and what your expectations are. We will want to know what you like about your teeth and what you dislike. One key marker is the midline of your teeth. We will see if the midline of your central incisors matches the midline of your face and will take this into account when designing your new smile. If you were to draw a line between the corners of the mouth when smiling, you would find that a youthful smile will show 75-100% of the front teeth below that line.

Porcelain Veneers are ultra-thin jackets of porcelain that adhere to your teeth. They are great for teeth that are chipped, misshaped, out of alignment, or massively stained. In many cases, Dr. Hawryluk will take digital photographs and create a wax model to show you your planned esthetic outcome. We also suggest you bring old pictures to show Dr. Hawryluk what characteristics you liked or disliked about your smile from years ago.

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Porcelain Veneers

When you are ready to do the cosmetic work, you will also meet with Teresa, our dental ceramist. She will further evaluate the final touches needed on your cosmetic veneers. The ceramist can significantly adjust the look of the porcelain by making small adjustments to the edge. For example, if someone wants a more aggressive look, teeth edges can be straightened. Conversely, if one desires a softer, delicate look, the edges are rounded.

In some cases, patient’s cosmetic concerns are ‘black dental triangles’ which are dark areas in between your teeth created by dental recession. Dr. Hawryluk can correct these with Dental Bonding using the BioClear method. Dr. Hawryluk has performed thousands of beautiful black triangle closures.

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Closing the Gaps for a Youthful Smile—an economical and conservative approach

If your teeth have a ‘crowded’, and you may wish them straightened, orthodontic treatment is available—gradual teeth straightening by Invisalign or traditional braces. If you are a candidate for orthodontics, Dr. Hawryluk may refer you to a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist.

Two excellent orthodontists in the Mississauga area are:

Dr. Schacher:

Dr. Virdee:

Dr. Hawryluk can correct gum recession around your front teeth by performing the Chao Pinhole Gum Lift. This procedure can often restore the position of your gums to the original level before the recession began. If you have gum recession and show a lot of your teeth when you smile (high lip line), then the Pinhole procedure can provide revitalizing cosmetic benefits for you.

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Pinhole Grafting

If you are interested in other facial cosmetic enhancements beyond your teeth, Dr.Hawryluk is available to discuss what you would like to achieve and can refer you to some excellent medical doctors in the Mississauga area. Dermal fillers and Botox can make an excellent adjunct to your smile makeover and can magnify your cosmetic rejuvenation. In particular, restoring lip esthetics can amplify the success of cosmetic dentistry. As people get older, their lips begin to thin, wrinkles develop, and their face begins to show its age. Dr. Hawryluk recommends you only go to a Board Certified Dermatologist as they have the training to accurately diagnose and safely deliver these products while at the same time ensuring the result you want. One Mississauga Dermatologist who is excellent in facial esthetic rejuvenation is Dr. Nazli Ghiasi at Derm Edge Clinic in Port Credit. Many of the staff and doctors at St. Lawrence Dentistry are very familiar with her work and recommend Dr. Ghiasi without hesitation.

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Dr. Hawryluk also recommends Dr. Kolenda and his team at Verso Surgery Center. They perform mini ‘submental’ chin liposuctions, which can provide tremendous lift along with your smile makeover. They also offer the award-winning Skinceuticals line of products. Furthermore, they do hair restoration by an advanced method called ‘Robotic Hair Transplants’. Finally, their results for facial rejuvenation by ‘Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy’ are excellent.

If you are interested in learning more about their services, talk to Dr. Hawryluk, or visit their website directly:

A cosmetic smile makeover, along with other facial enhancing procedures, can subtract years from your appearance. If you are considering and esthetic rejuvenation, please give St. Lawrence Dentistry a call. It is always gratifying for us to be part of transformative changes for our patients.