Modern Approaches to Pediatric Dentistry

Primary Teeth (baby teeth) are more prone to dental decay than permanent teeth, and they also have large pulp chambers (the area inside the tooth, which contains nerves and vascular tissue). Because of this, cavities in primary teeth can reach the inner pulp tissue quite rapidly and necessitate the need for ‘pulp therapy’ to save

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Use of Short Dental Implants

Short dental implants are used at St. Lawrence Dentistry when there is minimal bone available for their placement. Minimally invasive implant dentistry looks at the existing bone volume available for implant placement and the eventual support needed for dental crowns. Instead of focusing on trying to add more bone by grafting, Dr. Hawryluk Jr. looks

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Implants are an Excellent Tooth Replacement Option

Conversations about dental implants can sometimes start out being a bit emotional for patients because they often begin discussing a tooth which needs to be removed. The good news is St.Lawrence Dentistry has excellent options for replacing missing teeth. Patients want to know what implants are, how they work, and a realistic expectation of treatment

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Advantages of Premium Dental Filling Products

The type of dental filling material and how it is placed affects the quality of your dental work. For our patients wellbeing and for outstanding cosmetic results, Dr. Hawryluk Jr. uses the latest generation of dental filling products available. Dr. Hawryluk Jr. has partnered with the dental material company ‘GC’ for over a decade and

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Tooth Extractions

Since the dawn of our existence, the procedure of removing teeth has been present. Fortunately, teeth extractions have become a much more refined process in modern times. The dentists at St. Lawrence Dentistry have ample experience in teeth removals should you require this service. Extractions may be performed for several reasons including severe tooth decay,

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