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Protect Your Smile: The Benefits of Night Guards at St. Lawrence Dentistry

St. Lawrence Dentistry is deeply committed to preserving your dental health and enhancing your smile’s beauty. Many patients face the effects of teeth grinding, known medically as “bruxism”. This involuntary habit can lead to severe dental issues, including tooth loss, dental abfraction, tooth mobility, and recession of the gum line. But fear not—there’s a reliable

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Preventing Cavities in Children

As parents, we want the best for our children, especially their health. And one crucial aspect of their well-being that often gets overlooked is their dental health. Cavities, though common, can be prevented with the proper knowledge and habits. So, let’s get into some practical strategies for preventing cavities in children, ensuring those precious smiles

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Unveiling Zirconia: Dental Savior or Engagement Ring Elegance?

In the fascinating realm of materials science, zirconia emerges as a multifaceted marvel, bridging the gap between the pursuit of dental excellence and the allure of jewelry elegance. Sponsored by St. Lawrence Dentistry in Mississauga, this exploration delves into zirconia’s dual roles, revealing its transformative journey from a raw mineral to a cherished component in

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Unraveling the Enigma of Tooth Resorption

Welcome to an intriguing exploration of tooth resorption, a phenomenon that perplexes many, by Dr. Allan Hawryluk, a dedicated dentist at St. Lawrence Dentistry in Mississauga. Here, we will delve into the mysterious process where the body, in an unexpected turn, decides to break down and absorb its tooth structure, affecting both the tooth’s external

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Ceramic Onlays: A Fusion of Art and Dentistry for a Radiant Smile

Brought to you by St. Lawrence Dentistry Dive into the captivating world of dental restoration, where modern technology meets the finesse of cosmetic dentistry. In this feature, we focus on Ceramic Onlays, a prime example of St. Lawrence Dentistry’s commitment to combining professional expertise with innovative solutions to enhance your smile. Unveiling Ceramic Onlays Imagine

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Dental Flossing Benefits and Techniques

Welcome to the wonderful world of dental flossing, brought to you by the experts at St. Lawrence Dentistry, where we believe that a string can make a big difference in your oral health journey! Today, let’s unravel the mysteries of flossing, why it’s the superhero of your dental care routine, and how to do it

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Types of Gingivitis

At St. Lawrence Dentistry, nestled in the picturesque historic district of Port Credit, Mississauga, battling gingivitis is not just a practice but a passion! Gingivitis, that pesky inflammation of your gum tissue, is a crafty little bugger caused by bacteria and can show up at any age. Teenagers, watch out – you’re on its radar!

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Welcome to a World of Smiles: The Art of Dental Crowns at St. Lawrence Dentistry

Nestled in the picturesque Port Credit District of Mississauga, St. Lawrence Dentistry introduces you to the transformative world of dental crowns. Whether it’s a vulnerable tooth threatened by a cavity or an aesthetic enhancement you seek, our crowns, often called “dental caps”, are your gateway to a radiant smile. The Journey to the Perfect Crown

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