Closing the Gaps for a Youthful Smile- A Conservative Approach

St Lawrence Dentistry is pleased to offer the Mississauga community esthetic treatment of ‘Dental Black Triangles.’ A black dental triangle is the loss of the interdental papilla or ‘gum’ between the anterior (front teeth). The result is a dark triangular look which can be highly noticeable. Also, this can lead to phonetic problems (space allows passage for the air or saliva), and lateral food impaction. Treatment of these triangle areas can rejuvenate the original look of the gum tissue and provide a striking youthful-looking appearance.

closing the gap cosmetic dental bonding

There are many causes of black triangles. Some of them are natural aging, innate gum architecture, food impaction between teeth, and overly aggressive flossing. The primary way to prevent the triangles from happening in the first place is a review of proper oral hygiene. However, some black triangles will inevitably develop despite excellent oral home care.

There are several ways to treat a black triangle, but Dr. Hawryluk believes not all of them are ideal methods. Some dentists recommend crowns or veneers to close these spaces. However, this is overly aggressive and damaging to the teeth. Other dentists will recommend gingival grafting. However, grafting can be unpredictable in treating unaesthetic black triangles. A third and also problematic way of treatment is to use a composite ‘Mylar strip’ and conventional dental composite (white filling material). Although this may work, it sometimes leaves excess material on the tooth and consequently would not follow the contours of the tooth. Also, it may be prone to chipping off.


bioclear matrix
BioClear Matrices

Dr. Hawryluk Jr. recommends and uses BioClear Matrices to treat black triangles. These are uniquely contoured composite formations that help shape the dental material in the contour of the tooth. The BioClear system represents a significant advancement, and patients are thrilled with the results Dr. Hawryluk Jr. can create. In the bonding process, dental composite is ‘injection molded’ or compressed onto the tooth, which creates a solid bond. The achieves very desirable and conservative treatment results with no removal of any tooth structure.

G-ænial Universal Flo composite

Alongside the BioClear matrices, St. Lawrence Dentistry uses G-ænial Universal Injectable composite to treat black triangles. This material represents the next advancement in the dental filling material. In the past, dentists had to sacrifice strength and aesthetics to get secure handling. That is no longer the case. G-ænial Universal injectable has higher tensile strength, wear resistance, and gloss retention of all dental filling materials available. When bonding black dental black triangles, Dr. Hawryluk heats this material, which further enhances its amazing properties.

If you are considering bonding black dental triangles, you should seek out a dental professional with ample experience in this procedure. Furthermore, it is recommended you find a dentist who uses the BioClear System, heats the dental material appropriately before use, and uses a dental microscope to finish these bonded restorations.

These beautiful esthetic rehabilitations are not for every circumstance. However, their application range is significant if the dentist has the experience and skill to do these procedures. BioClear esthetic restorations have become very popular at St. Lawrence Dentistry because they, in many cases, do not involve shaving down your tooth structure. Preserving tooth structure is very important to both patient and dentist as the conservative approach is indeed the healthy modern approach. Also, the popularity has risen due to the fact these procedures cost many times less than procedures like dental veneers.

If you live in the Mississauga/Toronto area and are considering treating black dental triangles, St. Lawrence Dentistry would like to help. The first step is to have a consultation with Dr. Hawryluk Jr. He will discuss your needs and expectations with you and develop a plan to achieve your aesthetic objectives.

Please call St. Lawrence Dentistry If you would like to discuss Dental Black Triangle Bonding further.

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