Pediatric Dentistry

Welcome to the Pediatric Dentistry Directory page for St. Lawrence Dentistry. We have several informative articles on Children’s Dentistry to view which can help you as a parent make good decisions about dental Care for your child. Our General Dentistry office is located in Port Area of Mississauga and we offer Children’s Dental Care in both awake and asleep settings.

For some general information about Children’s Dentistry at our office please visit us here:

Children’s Dentistry

If your child is still a toddler they may be approaching the age of their first dental visit.

Please visit us here for a discussion of toddler age dental care:

Toddler’s first visit to St. Lawrence Dentistry

Thumb Sucking at the Toddler age can be a concern for parents.

Here is a discussion about this issue:

Thumbs Sucking Habits in Toddlers

For specific information about Children’s Dentistry in the age ranges of 5-8 please visit us here:

Pediatric Dental Care from age 5-8

For specific information about Children’s Dentistry in the age ranges of 9-12 please visit us here:

Dental Care for Pre-Teens (Ages 9-12)

For specific information about Children’s Dentistry in the age ranges of 13+ please visit us here:

Pediatric Dentistry Ages 13+

Many parents have concerns about the shape, color, and general appearance of their children teeth.

Here is an article on that subject:

Appearance of Teeth in Children

If your child is unable to sit through dental work awake, they may need to be asleep for any needed procedure. St. Lawrence Dentistry has been offering dental work asleep to both Adults and Children since 2005. The anesthetic services are provided by Board Certified Medical Specialists.

Here is some information about dental work asleep at our office:

Dentistry Asleep (Sedation Dentistry)

If you think your child may need orthodontics and they are in the 9-12 age range this usually falls in the category of ‘interceptive orthodontics’.

This subject can be viewed here:

What Is Interceptive Orthodontics?

If all your child’s teeth have come in they may be more of a candidate for full orthodontics.

Here is is discussion on that subject:

Should You Consider Wearing Braces?×585.jpg

For information on how you and our Mississauga dental office can work together to prevent your child from getting dental decay please visit us here:

Tooth Decay and its prevention in Children

If you live the the Mississuaga, Oakville, or West Toronto areas, St. Lawrence Dentistry would like to be your dental office for your entire family. We offer professional courteous service and put are patients as our number one priority. For inquiries about our office please give us a call.