Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Mississauga has many families with children so Pediatric Dental Care is a major focus of St. Lawrence Dentistry.

Prevention and education about oral hygiene care for children and young adults is key and the dental hygienists and dentists will spend as much time as needed with your child (and you) to make sure a proper home oral care regimen can be established.

t. Lawrence Dentistry usually recommends bringing your child to visit our dentists between 1.5 and 2 years old. At this time we can assess whether the existing home oral hygiene routine is working, identify any problems, and discuss ways to prevent further dental issues.

Around 6 years old your child’s permanent first molars often erupt and the dentists may discuss the possibility of dental sealants with you on these teeth. These are light resins placed in the fissures of the teeth which help prevent dental decay.

There is no drilling on the teeth and these are relatively simple to place so in many cases sealants are an ideal conservative preventative measure. The second molars erupt around age 12 so at that time sealants may be discussed again.

Another component of pediatric dentistry is monitoring and treating how a child’s jaw and teeth are developing. In some cases the jaw can develop more narrow than average and the dental palate can have a high ‘vault’. In these cases a simple orthodontic appliance around 8-10 years old called an ‘expander’ can treat this which can eliminate or lessen the need for braces later. Another common issue can be thumb sucking which can lead to your child’s front teeth not touching (‘open bite’). In these cases habit breaking appliances can sometimes help to end the thumb sucking and begin the correction of the open bite.

Some children do have dental decay and this can be despite the best efforts of the child and parents in the home care routine. Primary teeth are often restored (fillings placed) if dental decay is found even though these teeth will eventually fall out. This is because the primary teeth act as ‘space holders’ for the permanent teeth which will eventually erupt in the place of the primary teeth. If a primary tooth is removed due to dental decay before it naturally exfoliates the surrounding teeth can shift and block the eruption of the new tooth. Another reason why dental decay in primary teeth are filled is that decay is actually bacteria and having it present is not ideal for overall health.

Dr. Hawryluk will clearly explain any issues of dental decay your child may have with you and discuss how this could be remedied. Photographs are sometimes taken and in some cases we may discuss the possibility of radiographs with you to aid in a diagnosis. Many children are cooperative and we can get any teeth needing restoring done in a manner which is precise, quick, and with minimal discomfort to your child. Dr. Hawryluk Jr. has ample experience placing pediatric fillings and hence has many techniques which will aid in making your child as comfortable and cooperative as possible during dental filling placement.

In some cases dentistry asleep is the best modality to any dentistry needed. Dr. Hawryluk will go over this option and answer any questions you may have. St. Lawrence Dentistry is uniquely positioned to provide dental work asleep your child may need as we hold a General Anesthetic Permit issued by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons. We have been offering dental work asleep to children and adults since 2005. Our facility undergoes rigorous routine inspections. Anesthetic Services are provided by Board Certified Medical Anesthesiologists who are also on staff at hospitals in our community.

Dr. Hawryluk believe that any treatment of pediatric dentistry issues begins with proper communication and discussion with parents and values parents input in any decision making. If you would like more information about children’s dental treatment at St. Lawrence Dentistry please call us.

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