New Technology Reduces Time in Braces

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New Technology Reduces Time in Braces

Dr. Hawryluk Jr. has partnered with Mississauga Orthodontics to offer new technology, which reduces orthodontic treatment time.

Many of St. Lawrence Dentistry’s valued patients want straighter teeth, but dread the thought of wearing braces for years. Accelerated orthodontic devices, using high-frequency vibration to accelerate the rate of orthodontic tooth movement, are the answer. Dr. Monica Gawlik a Board Certified Mississauga Orthodontist, has ample experience and training which allows her to deliver this incredible technology predictably.

Dr. Monica Gawlik, Mississauga Orthodontist

Propel’s VPro+ device is an FDA and Health Canada approved medical device designed to complement your braces or aligners. This waterproof device is highly portable, and the short treatment time can fit easily into a busy lifestyle. You bite on a mouthpiece with gentle pressure. It only needs to be used for 5 minutes a day.

High-frequency vibration can be used during braces and Invisalign treatment to reduce overall treatment duration and relieve discomfort. Dr. Gawlik at Mississauga Orthodontics is proud to offer one of the latest advancements in accelerated orthodontic treatment with the VPro+. It delivers gentle vibrations to ensure the best biologic response to your orthodontic appliances.

The most significant factor that affects how fast your teeth move into their new positions is the rate of bone remodeling. High-frequency vibration induces an inflammatory response, increasing blood circulation to the area. The cells that cause this inflammation are involved in the breakdown of bone. As braces or aligners exert gentle, steady pressure on teeth, the bone starts breaking down and rebuilding itself, known as remodeling. High-frequency vibration allows for increased bone remodeling around the roots of the moving teeth. The faster bone remodels, the quicker the teeth can move!

Are there any other benefits?

High-frequency vibration can lead to many orthodontic benefits:

  • Reduced Treatment Time by up to 64%
  • Efficient Tooth Movement
  • Reduced Discomfort
  • Improved Predictability
  • Optimal Aligner Seating
  • Clinically proven to increase Bone Density in the Retention Phase

The first step in beautiful straight teeth is to have a consultation with Dr. Hawryluk Jr. He will assess whether rapid orthodontic treatment performed by Dr. Gawlik may be right for you. A referral will be arranged for you to visit Mississauga Orthodontics to get you started on this amazing treatment!

You can find more information on Dr. Gawlik at her website below:

We are excited that this incredible orthodontic technology has arrived in Mississauga the VPro+. Ask us how it can help you!

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