beautiful smile -- children dentist MississaugaDid you know that having cavities is not only due to poor dental hygiene? Cavities are caused by the presence of bacteria that produce acids which eat into the teeth. In order for you to prevent the occurrence of cavities in your teeth, and in the teeth of your kids, you should first determine whether or not your child is prone to this. There are some factors that make a child more open to the eruption of cavities and here are some of them:

Brushing less than twice a day – the ideal number of times for brushing teeth is twice a day. Those who brush less than this are prone to the occurrence of cavities. This is to help remove food residue in the teeth, since these food is what bacteria eat to produce acid that damages the tooth.

Not getting enough fluoride – if your water is not fluoridated, or if your child does not use fluoride toothpaste, you are more than likely to have a child that will suffer from cavities. Fluoride helps strengthen teeth as it grows, and replaces any minerals that are lost over the years.

Not seeing a dentist – if your child has not been to a dentist at all, chances are, cavities are already forming in their teeth. Visiting a dentist should be a regular thing, and should be started as soon as your child’s teeth start to come out, or at the very latest, when they turn one.

Having a history of cavities – bacteria that create cavities are rather difficult to remove, hence the appearance of new cavities despite proper dental hygiene after the first cavities are discovered. Baby bottle cavities and decay are good indicators of a child who will possibly suffer from cavities as they grow older.

How to Take Care of a Child Who is Prone to Cavities

When you find that your child is indeed prone to cavities, it is a good idea to consult a dentist as soon as possible with solutions for this. Aside from the usual dental regimens that include the brushing of teeth twice daily with the use of fluoride toothpaste and the intake of fluoridated water, it is also wise to teach your child to floss regularly and to eat better food. Since bacteria love high-sugar foods, reducing your child’s intake of such types of food can help reduce their chances of getting cavities.

It is also a good idea to ask your dentist about dental sealants. These are very good at preventing the onset of cavities since these protect the chewing surfaces of your teeth. If you feel that your child is especially prone to these, it might be prudent for you to have your dentist use a sealant on your child’s teeth to ensure that cavities do not develop.

Other things you can also do to increase your child’s resistance to cavities is to have them eat fewer snacks in between meals, or if this is not possible, to have them clean their teeth after each snack. Since food does attract the bacteria that produces cavities, reducing the number of times that these are present in the mouth can help reduce the possibility of cavities from forming as well.