Braces: Do I Really Need Them?

Braces: Do I Really Need Them?

BracesGetting braces is a major mental hurdle that people have some difficulty in overcoming. Whether they’re apprehensive with the actual procedure
or just not sure if their teeth need them, making a decision can lead to some possible mishaps down the road if you’re walking into it uninformed.

A simple way to work things out is to get yourself educated on a couple of factors on why people need braces and determine whether or not you need them for yourself:

Make an assessment based on the current state of your teeth

This is the most important thing to consider when deciding whether or not to get braces. These usually fall under two important cases: the spacing between your teeth and the type of bite that you have.

Braces can do a good job of tightening the spaces between your teeth if they’re that noticeable. They can also help straighten your teeth and help in its formation during its later years when done early. By doing so, you can even prevent or minimize future procedures on your teeth once they’re properly aligned.

In addition, people with an overbite or an underbite can experience difficulty when it comes to chewing their food. When one set of teeth overlap the other, this can cause problems such as abnormal tooth wear or even periodontal trauma if it wears on for too long.

Recommendations from Your Orthodontist

They aren’t called teeth specialists for nothing. Many recommendations come from people like these, so you should take heed from their advice should they say you need braces.

Many of the above mentioned dental cases can be easily determined by an orthodontist, so don’t be shy about dropping by should you feel the need about getting a consultation. Many of these consultations are free anyway, so what have you got to lose?

The actual procedure isn’t a one-time deal either. This process usually takes a long time and may need additional procedures as well to complete. Retainers and adjustments to the braces are just a couple of things you need to be aware of should you decide to get yourself some braces. Make sure to ask about how the entire cycle will play out just so that you know what exactly you’re getting into.


Knowing yourself and the state of your teeth is the most important thing when determining if you need to get braces. Getting help from a professional can definitely help your reach this decision, so don’t hesitate to drop by your local orthodontist for a recommendation.

Dr. Allan Hawryluk
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Dr. Allan Hawryluk

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