Implants are an Excellent Tooth Replacement Option

Implants are an Excellent Tooth Replacement Option

Conversations about dental implants can sometimes start out being a bit emotional for patients because they often begin discussing a tooth which needs to be removed. The good news is St.Lawrence Dentistry has excellent options for replacing missing teeth. Patients want to know what implants are, how they work, and a realistic expectation of treatment timeline. They are relieved to hear that Dr. Hawryluk Jr. can offer very predictable options.

Implants are not traumatic to place but some patients are naturally anxious about implant dentistry. Compared to 10 years ago, a lot loss patients need dental sedation for implant placement because the new implant placement techniques offered by St. Lawrence Dentistry minimize the time to place them and discomfort.

Part of the preparation for dental implants involves reviewing your medical history. Although implants are very predictable certain factors can undermine this. Diabetes, smoking, and bisphosphonate medications can complicate the healing of implants. If factors which could mitigate the success of dental implants are present Dr. Hawryluk can give you an informed consent of the relative success of implants in your case. We may wait to place your implant until factors like diabetes are controlled and a cessation of smoking is achieved if possible. Dr. Hawryluk will have a conversation with you about the overall scope of your treatment, what your expectations are and answer all of your questions you may have in advance.

Some patients like to know everything about the implant procedure in advance while some don’t like to have a large discussion. Dr. Hawryluk feels that you least need to know the fundamentals of your potential implant process before proceeding. This includes a basic overview of what a dental implant is, how it is implanted in the bone and what sterility techniques are used. We can go over pictures, models, and videos which will help demonstrate the process. We believe our patients should have a basic understanding of the principle of ‘osteointegration’ (how the implant solidifies in bone) and why we have to wait several months before putting the crown on the implant. This way the you can feel invested in the process and be able to make informed decisions. Most importantly we need you as a patient to understand if the implant process will deliver on the expectations you had in mind.

St Lawrence Dentistry has been able to enhance the implant process and deliver excellent results by incorporating ‘guided workflow’ to their placement. What that means is we can take a patient who needs an implant and come up with a vision with respect to what the implant and crown will look like when it is completed. This is all planned digitally and we can transfer it into the real world by creating a ‘surgical guide’ which helps Dr. Hawryluk Jr. put the implant exactly where it is supposed to be. This makes the entire implant process very predictable and we find that when we show the patient the process they immediately understand what we are doing and have a much better feeling about moving forward with the implant installation.×515.jpg

Briefly, when a patient comes in for an implant consultation we will order a CT scan of the area where the implant is to be placed, take an intra-oral scan (digital model), and a ‘bite registration’ (how the teeth interrelate). With this information we can digitally plan ‘wax-up’ where your tooth will be positioned. We know the best place to position your dental implant if we have a vision of what the final dental crown will look like in terms of is emergence from the gum, contour, how it hits against the opposing tooth. Given this technology, Dr. Hawryluk Jr. can be as close to perfect as possible in terms of where your implant will be placed. Guided implant surgery is much easier for the patient to sit thru than the old ‘free hand’ way. Most patients do not need to be sedated anymore as the surgery is very painless and quick. The use of the guided implant placement technique is growing quickly and is a tool to make the implant process very comfortable.

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