Seven Tips for Taking Care of Your Dentures

Seven Tips for Taking Care of Your Dentures

Whether you have complete dentures, or partial dentures, you should be aware that, just like real teeth, these need to be taken care of for them to last. Caring for your dentures will help prolong their lifespans and it’ll help save you money as well since you won’t need to have them replaced sooner than expected. To help you keep your dentures in top shape, here are seven tips that you should consider when caring for these:

  1. Daily cleaning is a must – just like your real teeth, dentures can also build up tartar, stains and bacteria on them. Not only will daily cleaning remove all of this from your dentures, but it will also help prevent the possibility of oral disease-causing problems like denture stomatitis, bacterial endocarditis and other conditions that can be caused by microscopic organisms.
  2. Do not use regular toothpaste – believe it or not, your regular toothpaste can actually be too harsh for your dentures. What you should use when cleaning these is a toothpaste or cleaner that is made specifically for dentures. You can also use mild dishwashing liquid and hand soap to clean these. Just make sure that you rinse these out properly to prevent a soapy aftertaste in your mouth.
  3. Brushing is still needed even when you soak – some people have the mistaken notion that soaking their dentures in a solution overnight is all that’s necessary for a thorough cleaning. Brushing is still required since plaque and food cannot be removed by soaking alone. Choose a soft toothbrush or one that is made specifically for use with dentures and gently brush after every meal just like you would with real teeth.
  4. Give your dentures a break – when you rest at night, your dentures should be resting too. If removing these when you sleep does not sit well with you, make sure that you do take these out at some other time of the day for at least 6 hours and soak them in a cleaning solution that helps remove bacteria, stains, and plaque. This will also give your gums time to rest and to recover from the pressure it gets from your dentures.
  5. Be gentle to your dentures – dentures do not come cheap, and not taking proper care of them can easily cause them to chip or break. When removing dentures, pad your sink with a folded towel or folded tissue paper in order to cushion the dentures in case they slip from your fingers. You should also clean these over a bowl or sink full of water for the same reason.
  6. Store dentures in water when removed – this helps prevent the warping of dentures, which may occur if left to dry out. Also, make sure that the water your dentures are soaked in is changed daily.
  7. Visit your dentist annually to have your dentures professionally cleaned and checked – even if you are careful with your dentures and you clean them regularly, a visit to the dentist annually is a must. They will not only clean your dentures for you, but they will also check to see if the dentures need to be changed. If you developed sores from using dentures, your dentist can give you the right advice for treating them.

Your dentures are an important investment that you need to take care of at all times. Being aware of best practices in caring for them will help keep them sanitary, good looking and durable. For more thorough advice in denture maintenance, consult your family dentist.

Dr. Allan Hawryluk
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Dr. Allan Hawryluk

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