Dental Technology at St Lawrence Dentistry

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Dental Technology at St Lawrence Dentistry

Dental technology is rapidly advancing and St. Lawrence dentistry always keeps up to date with these advancements. The driving force behind technological enhancements includes the need to offer patients cutting edge dental procedures which may be conducted in a more comfortable, effective way. A few of the latest technologies involve:

CAD/CAM: Computer assisted design/computer assisted manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology permits the dental restoration fabrication via technology that is computerized. Dr. Hawryluk routinely uses Emax dental crowns fabricated by the CAD/CAM technology. The treatments may involve: dental bridges, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, onlays, and inlays.

Caries Detection Solution: It’s a liquid red dye applied over your tooth to confirm all tooth decay is taken off from the affected region which was treated. The solution is similar to plaque disclosing tablets used after brushing to spotlight any spaces missed or that are not completely cleaned.

3-D image CAT Scans: Is used to assist Dr. Hawryluk to accurately plan implant cases. The scans are provided by Canary Radiology who are at the vanguard of radiographic advancements. The radiologist gives all the information needed for the dentist to accurately place dental implants. This technology has become highly specialized in dentistry as implants, instead of dentures, and have now become the tooth replacement standard of care..

Dental Implants: This technology continuously improves. At St. Lawerence Dentistry we use BioHorizons Laser-Lok implants. This is a premium implant which allows excellent integration of the implant and remarkable soft tissue healing.. Recently treatment times have been able to be reduced as implants and planning tools have improved. In many circumstances, dental implants now are the standard of care if your tooth must be extracted or if there’s a question as to if a root canal treatment ought to be performed.

Desensitizers: These may be utilized by a hygienist or dentist before a dental procedure if you possess sensitive teeth, in order for you to be comfortable throughout the procedure. Desensitizers may be utilized alone or with additional anxiety and pain relief modalities like sedation dentistry or local anesthesia.

Electric Hand Pieces: These can help in hygiene treatment and may be utilized in conjunction with rotary cutting tools. Electric hand pieces provide a smooth material delivery, placing less stress upon the tooth structure that is healthy. They often are quieter, as well.

Intra-Oral Cameras: At St. Lawrence Dentistry we use premium Schick intra oral cameras which give take extremely clear photos of teeth and supporting structure images. It enables you and the dentist who is involved within your treatment to view tooth defects. Such cameras additionally assist you in learning more on dental hygiene practices that includes where you should concentrate upon teeth brushing. Documentation of before and after results of dental procedures has become important and a good intra oral camera can greatly aid in this documentation.

Lasers: St. Lawrence Dentistry uses an Ivoclar dental laser. They provide decreased discomfort and within some instances, a stitches-free choice for the treatment of gum contouring, cold sores, benign tumors,. The laser uses light energy as its operating method that results in a shortened and nearly pain-free healing time.

HiFlex Endodontic Files: These files are made by Coltene Corporation and are an amazing advancement in root canal treatment. The benefit of them is they can easily bend without weakening which is very important when treating a very curved or calcified root canal system. Dr. Hawryluk always uses HiFlex files when performing root canal treatments

Microscope: Dental Microscopes The cornerstone of Dr. Hawryluk’s dental practice is the Global Dental Microscope. This provides much more resolution and magnification for the dentist to do detailed work in confined working conditions.

They have been one of the most recent trends in order to perfect acute vision for dental professionals. Microscopes provide dentists the capability of seeing weakened underlying tooth structure, micro-cracks, as well as the proximity of the dental nerves using precise accuracy. They additionally provide more accuracy in eliminating affected tooth structure as it preserves healthy tooth structure. It’s an improved diagnostic instrument and a treatment-assist dental device.

All in all, St Lawrence Dentistry provides a growing number of dental technologies used to benefit the treatment of our patient. To learn more about newer dental technologies please contact our office.

Dr. Allan Hawryluk
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Dr. Allan Hawryluk

Allan Hawryluk Jr. is a Mississauga-based dentist who has built a reputation for comprehensive dental care. Born and raised in Port Credit, he returned after completing his dental residency in 2003 at the University of Colorado, Denver Health Sciences Center. He feels privileged to serve the community and is committed to maintaining our clinic standards set by his late father - Dr. Allan R. Hawryluk (Sr).